Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Carrying out my GAME plan

I have begun to implement my GAME plan in measured steps and have considered what I need to do to progress further.  My goals are to use technology to assist with communication of information and content and modeling and teaching responsible use and documentation of resources in online communities.

NETS-T  3. Model Digital-Age Work and Learning  c. communicate relevant information and ideas effectively to students, parents, and peers using a variety of digital-age media and formats  (NETS-T)

Resources:  In order to meet my goal, I will need resources that include technology, colleagues, and less tangible resources.  The technology that is required includes a blog interface, a school website with a parent portal and the ability to post resources and links, an email distribution list, and software/hardware that allow me to create and manage class information like Publisher and SmartBoard.  Online multimedia, games, and informational websites will provide additional resources.  I will use the skill, creations, and input of colleagues within my building, district, and online sharing communities to assist, supplement, and inspire my work.  Finally, as I hope to make my lessons and offerings dynamic and engaging I need adequate time, inspiration, and drive to deal with the trial and error aspects of creative lesson planning.

Additional Information:  To help me move forward, I need to understand the capabilities of the technology I use and the usefulness of the various options.  I must also better understand what materials and resources are free to use and how I should acknowledge the use of materials created by others (This ties in with my second goal).  I want to reflect on the incidence of use of the materials I create to ensure that the efforts are not for naught.  I also need to continue learning about the various technologies I hope to use while working toward my goals.

Steps so far:  I have a blog established, but I am working to provide links that are more informational, increase the use of meaningful games, and provide exciting activities on the page.  I am creating various original resources as I create lessons and notes with my new SmartBoard.  Our school has recently begun using a new website that allows for increased communication with parents and students, though not all features have been rolled out thus far.  Preliminary information and parameters have been implemented and I continue to explore potential applications of the features on the website.

NETS-T  4. Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility  a. advocate, model, and teach safe, legal, and ethical use of digital information and technology, including respect for copyright, intellectual property, and the appropriate documentation of sources (NETS-T)

Resources:  I will consult with the Media Center Specialist to review fair use policies and establish a collection of resources from which we are permitted to use materials without asking express permission, e.g. subscription services.  I will also use resources like APA citation manuals and online referencing guides to determine best practices for citing resources online and in the classroom.  Creative commons will be used to collect and share resources.  The last resource that I will use will be blogs to determine accepted protocols in the online community, extra credence will be given to blogs with an educational focus.  Ultimately I will need a student friendly version of the rules so I can share them with my students.

Additional Information:  I need to know what fair use practices say about use for educational purposes as I am not fully informed about what can and cannot be used without expressed permission.  I need to determine what type of citations are required by my district and the technology I use, e.g. blogger and our website host.  As I have a limited understanding of how creative commons works, I need to explore and participate in that resource sharing site.

Steps so far:  I have used simple citations, i.e. “from the Weather Channel,” to begin citing the images I include on my blog.  Additionally, I have tried to use photographs that I have taken to illustrate my posts, post links to notes and images rather than copy and paste, and embed items with inherent authorship stated such as youtube videos from the original author.  Finally, I have been cognizant about recognizing the ideas and suggestions of my students in my work; students are always referenced in my blog and my classroom when I use their ideas.

I hope to hear from you, my classmates, if you are aware of any resources that have helped you with either of these goals or if you see something that I have overlooked when it comes to additional information.  Unfortunately, I can only see these topics from my own eyes and I am quite sure that there are angles that I have not covered.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts, suggestions, and feedback.


National Education Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS-T) located at:


  1. Nancy,
    It sounds like you have many great ideas to help you in the development of your GAME plan. This year I plan on incorporating a blog into my daily classroom through current events in science and extension of classroom discussions. What topics will you cover? I also noticed that you are covering weather. Do you have links to current tropical storm warnings and hurricanes? I believe you can get them through the weather channel also.
    The use of devices such as SmartBoards make lessons pop and become more interesting to students. Images and sounds for impressions that will lead to retention of information in all learners. Keep up with your plan.

  2. Hi Wendy,

    Actually I am a math teacher. :) I had a picture from the weather channel on my blog because we had an early dismissal from school due to Hurricane Earl. (Thankfully he veered off course and we were unscathed.

    Though I do not teach science, I really try to bring multiple content areas to my blog. I want to show my student's my enthusiasm for learning in all areas, not just my course. I try to highlight a mathematical angle on my posts if possible, but generally I just like to post things that I find interesting. I post class related content every day, but I add "fun stuff" that I find whenever I find it. Hopefully my students will be inspired by the art, music, writings, biographies, etc. that I post and I can show them how math can help them achieve their goals similar to the creators of the creative elements that I post. Please feel free to check out my classroom blog:

    Regarding the use of my SmartBoard, I feel like I have a long way to go. I am loathe to admit that I have used the document camera more than I have created presentations. The time component is very difficult and I do not want to make a presentation quickly that just is not good enough. I have committed myself to creating a few truly dynamic presentations per unit every year to ensure that I create an arsenal of active and engaging lessons.

    Thanks for the words of encouragement!